Chandler Davidson

Huntsville, AL · (256) 679-8839 ·

A coffee fueled Software Engineer passionate about learning, pushing the bleeding edge, and finishing off the coffee pot. I enjoy C#, JS, and bit-size projects.


Hexagon PPM

Intern Technical

Product support of Smart3D a computer aided design tool used for modeling large scale manufacturing entities. Participated in full development cycle: Documentation, Implementation, Testing, and Sprint Planning. Familiarity in Scrum and Agile methodologies.

May 2018 - Present


Intern Technical

Supported various projects under FMS/D and MMT. Provided support for hardware/software testing. Familiarized with various 2D and 3D scenario simulations.

December 2017 - May 2018

Grounded Coffee


Organized consistent events focused on external education. Managed wholesale purchases of coffee and retail goods. Expert understanding and craftsmanship of filter coffee and espresso.

September 2015 - December 2017

Torch Technologies

Engineering Aide

Independently developed C# GUI for a real time, resource dependent system. Sending and receiving non-blocking and time dependent UDP messages. Familiarized with Git and the Linux CLI.

August 2016 - February 2017


University of Alabama in Huntsville

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
Projected Graduation May 2019


ConTabs - C#

Github Open Source

Visual tables within a CLI using C# and the .NET core. Contributed core functionality, documentation, additional error handling, and unit tests using NUnit. Largest contribution included Excel styled formulas using generic typing, delegates, and dynamic methods.

Smart Speech

Hexagon Hackathon

Developed a C# .NET plugin to enable voice activated commands for Intergraph's Smart3D using Microsoft's Cognitive Speech Services. Built by a team of three within 24h and is able to extend all user commands.


Personal Development

Developed mobile applications using Ionic, HTML, TypeScript, and Sass to target desktop, iOS, and Android in parallel in a simple CRUD paradigm. The initial design was to image a world where mobile voting could be possible.

Just for fun

On the side, I enjoy community driven activities including downhill longboarding, brewing coffee, and craft beer.

When the weather's nice, Megan (my fiance) and I enjoy downtown Huntsville's numerous events with our two dogs: Harry (Corgi) and Chloe (Golden Retriever).